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What a Deaf Guy Taught a Privileged Girl

What a Deaf Guy Taught a Privileged Girl is one woman’s authentic and vulnerable story of inclusion, love, and personal transformation. This is not your average autobiography. Dr Liz invites you into her life with insightful honesty and humour, telling the stories you would only expect a best friend to share with you over a glass of wine.

"I looked across at this man in this noisy restaurant and instead of seeing his disability…I saw a man fully functioning in an environment where I could not. And in a flash it hit me. Turn the lights off and I can’t see. Turn the music up and I can’t hear. Put the book up too high and I can’t reach. It became abundantly clear to me in that very moment that ability or disability is a consequence of the environment we create. With that realisation I instantly saw this man for everything he was, not for what he wasn’t."

Author Dr Liz Shoesmith, a behavioural scientist and organisational transformation expert, is now The Inclusionist and on a mission to create a world where everyone is included. She has set the global benchmark for business-as-usual inclusion. Her innovative, yet pragmatic, approach is creating a global movement of change through the organisations, governments, and institutions we all interact with on a daily basis

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~ Dr Liz

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