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About Dr Liz

The Inclusionist
Behavioual Scientist
Organisational Transformation Expert

The Speaker

Whether you’re after a keynote speaker for an auditorium full of guests or a workshop for a small group, you are guaranteed an event to be remembered with Dr Liz. While she will create a presentation bespoke to your event theme, objectives, and participants; here are some ideas to get you started…

What a Deaf Guy Taught a Privileged Girl

An authentic and vulnerable story of inclusion, love, and personal transformation. This is not your average keynote presentation. Dr Liz invites you into her life with insightful honesty and humour, telling the stories you would only expect a best friend to share with you over a glass of wine. The punch line is about how overcoming bias and doing things differently is critical to creating an inclusive world and organisation.

Inclusion Beyond the Celebrations and Cupcakes

Dr Liz breaks the news to participants that celebrating labels with cupcakes won’t get us past acceptance, and to get to true inclusion we need to throw away the labels and instead focus on a pragmatic approach to organisational transformation. This keynotes includes specific examples of exclusion that are contextualised to the audience and includes opportunities for audience participation.

Inclusion Starts With You and Me

Dr Liz moderates a panel discussion with 2 – 3 panel members representing diverse groups either from within the client organisation or from the Inclusive Organisation Group’s advisory team. Panel members share personal stories of exclusion, while Dr Liz serves as the mirror for the audience on how the exclusion people face is not because of their difference, but because of the barriers we put in their place.

Speaker Showreel

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I highly recommend Dr Liz as a keynote speaker on how workplaces can be more inclusive and how processes can be designed to meet the needs of everyone. She has a captivating style and the feedback received was fantastic.
Dr Liz engaged, inspired, and motivated our attendees with simple and practical examples on how to make modifications to the way they do business to make this world a more inclusive place for everyone.

The Educator

Learning and seeking understanding is at the core of everything that Dr Liz does. Her own education includes an Undergraduate Degree in Business, Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education, a Master in Education (Organisational Learning and Development), and a PhD in Management (Human Behaviour and Organisational Culture). Coupled with her formal education she has also personally invested in attending executive education programs at both Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Business School and Harvard Business School.

But don’t be fooled, Dr Liz was expelled from high school in Year 8. Yes that’s right! Of course she continued her high school education at another school, but the point being that she has very high expectations for being engaged in a learning experience that is interesting, relevant and practical. Consequently she brings that perspective to every opportunity she has to educate others. Whether that’s as an MBA lecturer in Positive Leadership or Strategic HR, or of course in developing the inclusive capability of leaders, managers, employees, and D&I professionals.

If you are looking for learning solutions to drive inclusive transformation in your organisation – Dr Liz has got you covered.

If you you need to understand inclusion better and want to learn in a way which makes absolute sense - then I cannot recommend anyone better than Dr Liz. She inspires us to be more inclusive, not just to understand it.
Dr Liz's raw and relevant lessons of tackling bias and discrimination, whilst challenging ourselves to view disability not on the individual but on the environment on which we create, was refreshing and eye opening.

The Strategist

Dr Liz believes that building an inclusive organisation isn’t just beneficial; it’s a major factor of success in the modern business landscape. In fact you’re probably here reading this because you also believe that organisations who seek, celebrate, and embrace diversity will have several very real advantages over their competitors. But Dr Liz wants you to understand this is not just about building a diverse workforce. In order to benefit from the advantages of diversity and inclusion, inclusive principles, actions and behaviours must be engrained within all operations of the organisation. That means inclusion must be business-as-usual!

No matter where you or your organisation are on the diversity and inclusion journey, if you want to actually transform the way diversity and inclusion is done in your organisation, and genuinely achieve inclusive outcomes then there is no better person to support you than Dr Liz.  

Have you considered how inclusion is reinforced (or not) throughout all aspects of your organisation?

  • Business vision, strategy, and values
  • Leadership and management
  • Internal and external communications
  • Marketing and branding (consumer and employer)
  • Workplace practices, environment, and job design
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Product and service design
  • Technology and software solutions
  • Processes and procedures
  • Corporate social responsibility

This might seem all too hard
and big and costly and too complicated to do properly…
but I promise you it isn’t!
It’s super simple and I can show you how.
Then you can just get on with it
and do it!”

~ Dr Liz

Dr Liz brings to the table a new and refreshing way of looking at your business. When it comes to structure and people, I haven't found a more knowledgeable person.
The passion Dr Liz has for seeing real outcomes for the teams she supports enables her to connect with all levels of the organisation and the ability to drive sustainable change.

The Researcher

Dr Liz is as much ‘heart’ as she is ‘mind’. While she believes in what’s simply the ‘right thing to do’, the behavioural scientist and researcher in her means she can back what she says with evidence-based undeniable facts.

Organisational Research

If you really want to know what’s going on in your organisation when it comes to diversity and inclusion, then Dr Liz and her team at The Inclusive Organization Group can uncover the facts for you. And they don’t just look at diversity targets or unconscious behaviours. Expect to uncover practical and tangible lead indicators of inclusion from your business strategy, to product and service design, right through to employment and work practices, and the way you engage with your customers. And don’t worry you won’t be left confused with what to do about it…you’ll end up with a very simple plan of attack for improvement with exactly the right people in your business accountable for implementation.

Social Research

Creating an inclusive world is no small task and Dr Liz wants to make sure she has a clear picture of the experiences of people just like you, so she can tackle change in real and meaningful ways for everyone. Current available research tends to be focussed on the collection of data from homogenous groups of people, or from within single organisations or workplaces. Dr Liz’s current research project, #inclusiveworld, seeks to discover the lived experiences of everyday people from all over the world. The online survey collects the lived experiences of individuals as a consumer, in their workplace, in education and learning, as a citizen in their community, and through the media. 

Dr Liz worked rapidly to collate stakeholder input, analyse current state, and develop a creative solution that aligned with the company’s objectives and culture.
Dr Liz provides easy-to-use and understand tools and roadmaps to create purpose, resilience, trust and action to build a high performance team.

The Author

Dr Liz does her best creative thinking and reflection while in the introspective mode of writing. Whether that is in developing strategic recommendations for clients, industry whitepapers, academic journal and conference paper publications, or for personal growth.

Book Coming Soon

What a Deaf Guy Taught a Privileged Girl is one woman’s authentic and vulnerable story of inclusion, love, and personal transformation. This is not your average autobiography. Dr Liz invites you into her life with insightful honesty and humour, telling the stories you would only expect a best friend to share with you over a glass of wine.

"I looked across at this man in this noisy restaurant and instead of seeing his disability…I saw a man fully functioning in an environment where I could not. And in a flash it hit me. Turn the lights off and I can’t see. Turn the music up and I can’t hear. Put the book up too high and I can’t reach. It became abundantly clear to me in that very moment that ability or disability is a consequence of the environment we create. With that realisation I instantly saw this man for everything he was, not for what he wasn’t."

Dr Liz is a great storyteller. She’s also genuinely passionate about helping others live life to their full potential. Her focus on creating a world where everyone is included is both inspirational and of great value to our organisations and society.
I have the pleasure of watching Dr Liz speak and her talk was an absolute highlight - she is authentic and hilarious! I walked away super inspired and blown away! She is so passionate and knowledgeable about business-as-usual inclusion!
Mel vonHartitzsch
People Geek, Culture Amp

The Inclusionist


noun | inclusion-ist | in-kloo-zhuh-nist

Anyone who takes responsibility for identifying and advocating the specific needs of all people, and has the courage to inspire, develop and empower others to take action to create a world where everyone is included.

Dr Liz explicitly states she is not a diversity and inclusion consultant, but rather an Inclusionist. Yes that’s a word she invented herself – but it was a deliberate effort to disrupt the ‘consultant’ approach to fixing D&I in an organisation. Dr Liz is proud to have coined a term that represents the people that take responsibility for identifying and advocating the specific needs of all people, while also having the courage to inspire, develop and empower others to take action to create a world where everyone is included.

Podcast Coming Soon

Dr Liz is an organisational transformation expert turned The Inclusionist, and often better known as ‘the bride who signed to her deaf husband’. A World Where Everyone Is Included is full to the brim of authentic and vulnerable personal stories as well as practical inclusion tips – relevant everywhere from your workplace to your home. 

If you want to know how to be more inclusive, create more inclusion, or just like ‘Dr Liz’ want to create and live in a world where everyone is included…then you’re in the right place!

Many people have an opinion about what the future should look like, but Dr Liz has more than just a vision - she is creating it! It takes a special person to create a better world for other people, especially those more vulnerable in our society. The world needs more people like Dr Liz.
The passion Dr Liz has to ensure that we have a world where everyone is included is inspiring! Drawing on her own personal experience and combining this with an extensive professional background she is making real impact on individuals, organisations, and communities.

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