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Creating a World Where
Everyone Is Included

with inspiring authenticity and real solutions

“I have been described as passionate, inspiring, authentic, and hilarious.
But you know what I really want to be known for?
Getting every organisation we work for, buy from, are treated by,
educated by, or governed by; to make inclusion business-as-usual.
I want to be remembered for transforming the world so that every person can thrive to their full potential.
Crazy? Maybe? But just imagine if I succeed?!”

The Speaker

The Educator

The Strategist

The Researcher

The Founder

The Inclusionist

Vast Expertise Involved


A PhD in human behaviour, decision making, and leadership in the context of organisational systems and cultures.

Organisational Transformation

25+ years experience in capability, ways of working, and cultural transformation for clients from diverse industries.


Always seeks to find the cause/s to be addressed with both lead and lag indicating quantitative and qualitative data.


Acknowledges that her privileged life was highlighted to her after experiencing the discrimination of a loved one.


Dr. Liz has had the privilege of working with amazing people and organisations in almost every single industry and sector throughout her 25+ year career in organisational capability and transformation. And now of course as, The Inclusionist.


What People Say About Dr. Liz

“Your story is truly inspiring and the delivery was hilarious!”

“One of the best speakers of any event I’ve attended all year!”

“My thinking and practice has definitely been reframed as a result”

“She gave a really fresh, energetic and challenging perspective on thinking about inclusiveness, with practical examples and some hands on audience participation”

“The most engaging and thought provoking story of the importance of inclusion for everyone”

“The true power of story telling and authenticity”

"Talk about 100% passion and inspiration that generates excitement and engagement in the people she works with."

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